Deep sea fishing outside Bodø - best fishing in Norway?



Would you like to go fishing? We go from Bodø to some of the best fishing sites in Norway. We provide all necessary equipment.

2018-04-1813:32 Anne-Stine Gjervoldstad

Deep sea fishing in Norway, from Bodø with Explore Salten 

Fishing in Norway with Explore Salten is something you should experience! We have unique opportunities for a good catch right outside Bodø. Join our fishing boat, MY Petra, or our Targa 42. Both are designed for fishing and offer the comfort that smaller boats do not have. Good space, toilet, opportunity to serve food and drinks. Why not have a good time when fishing?

Fishing gear you need for the trip:

We have the equipment you need and know where the possibilities for a good catch are best.


The standard trip takes 3 hours, but it is also possible to book for the hole day (8 hours)

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