Island hopping in Northern Norway

Did you know that the county of Nordland has over 18,000 islands? Several thousand exciting islands available, just waiting to be explored - and together with the world's densest stock of sea eagles, everything is set up for amazing experiences.

2018-04-2614:39 Anne-Stine Gjervoldstad

Island hopping – tailor your own trip

The area of Salten is rich in nature and wildlife. Where do you want to go ashore? Perhaps you want your "own" sandy beach?

Contact us and we will tailor your island hopping. Perhaps we serve fresh seafood and something cold to drink on a beach, maybe we go look for the sea eagle, or we head out to the ocean and breathe some fresh sea air.

If we are lucky, we will see whales or seal colonies.

havørnFoto: Sverre Nilsen

Sea eagle 

The largest sea eagle population in Norway is located in the county Nordland, which gives you a good opportunity of catching a glimpse of the majestetic bird while island hopping with Explore Salten.  

Island hopping - the most popular island in the Bodø area

  • Landegode
  • Helligvær
  • Fugløya
  • Sør og Nord-Arnøy
  • Bliksvær
  • Sandhornøy
  • Fleinvær
  • Kjerringøy
  • Karlsøyvær

These are some of the finest islands in Norway and they often have a combination of beautiful beaches, mountains and rich wildlife. Perfect for a good experience.

Explore Salten - your provider of experiences in Salten and Nordland.

We tailor experiences for companies and groups from all over the world.


This trip takes from 3-5 hours, depending on where we choose to go.

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