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Daily booking of midnight sun trip

You can book daily midnight sun trips between June 3 and July 20.

Description of the trip:

We go with RIB boat from Bodø harbour at 11PM to the northern side of the town where the best location for midnight sun is. The trip lasts for approximately 1,5 hours. 

Experience "the land of the midnight sun" with Explore Salten. We will take you in a RIB boat to the most amazing places to experience the beautiful colors that occurs when the sun does not set. It cannot be described – it has to be experienced.

2018-04-2614:42 Anne-Stine Gjervoldstad

MidnattssolMidnight sun – what is this penomenon? 

Midnight sun is perhaps the most beautiful natural phenomenon along with the northern lights. Midnight sun occurs because the sun does not set and is best experienced around midnight when the sun is the lowest on the horizon.

The midnight sun can be observed in the Bodø area from the beginning of June to mid July. Explore Salten will help you find a perfect time and make sure you get the best experience possible!

Read more about the midnight sun here.

RIB from Bodø city center

You do not have to travel to Tromsø or Alta to experience the midnight sun. With Explore Salten in Bodø you get a unique and amazing midnight sun experience with an even deeper red color than further north.

The trip goes from the harbour in Bodø city center at 11:00PM with RIB boat to the northern side of town where the best view of the sun is. Here we will enjoy the deep red color of the sun. 

With Landegode and the Lofoten islands as a background, we believe Bodø is the perfect place to experience the midnight sun. 

Midnattsolfoto fra Frynjar Hilling

Why experience the midnight sun in Bodø?

  • Short distance to and from the airport 
  • Wide specter of activities available
  • Warmer climate than further north

Experience the midnight sun with Explore Salten

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This trip takes approximately 1,5 hour.

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Johnny M. Johnssen
Midnight sun in Saltstraumen
Rib tour in Saltstraumen with Explore Salten, click to open in lightbox
Johnny M. Johnsen
Midnight sun from rib
Late summer night in northern Norway, click to open in lightbox