Beer tasting at Bådin Brewery

Join beer tasting at Bådin Brewery! Learn about the brewery's history and taste the different kinds of beer they have to offer.

2018-12-0322:53 Aina Johannessen

BådinBeer tasting at Bådin

Bring your company or group for a beer tasting at Bådin brewery. The brewery is located centrally in Bodø, just a short walk from the harbor.

Båding Brewery is a nice place to bring groups that wants to experience and learn about the brewery history in Bodø, and at the same time be able to have a taste of the beers they have to offer while enjoying time with friends or colleagues.

Beer tasting is an educational and enjoyable activity for groups of  approx. 10 to 200 people.

We can also facilitate a bigger event with dining on request, if desirable. Contact us, and we can come up with a solution! 



This tour can be done alle year round.


Approx. 2 hours

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