RIB to Saltstraumenwith a sea eagle safari

Experience sea eagles up close by RIB – join the hunt for sea eagles and see the world’s largest maelstrom, Saltstraumen!

Frequently asked questions

You can always leave your luggage at our office while joining our trips. There will either be someone at the office or we will lock it up. However, if you have a small handbag/backpack you would like to bring, we have a water proof box on the boat..

Most people can participate on our rib adventure to Saltstraumen. However, pregnant women and people with neck, back and pelvis problems or similar, should be aware that this trip may involve shaking. You must decide yourself whether you would like to expose yourself or not. In doubt, contact us or talk to the skipper before the trip.

Reccomended minimum age is 6 years. This is because they are recuired to be able to sit properly in their own seat.In doubt, contact us.

This varies from day to day. The times listed in our booking calender are the optimal starting times for the trip, to make sure we reach Saltstraumen when it is at its strongest. The currents are base don full moon and new moon so if you want to experience Saltstraumen whe it is much stronger than normal, we reccomend doing it on days around the full moon and new moon.

It is perfecly safe to join us to Saltstraumen. Our skippers have many years experience and knownledge. Our goal is to let you experience Saltstraumen, the nature and the sea, rather than driving as fast as possible. We want to create a nice trip for everyone in a pace that everyone on board feels comfortable with.

There are 12 seats in one boat. If the demand is high we are able to put more boats available.

We need a minimum of 4 guests in order for the rib adventure to take place.

Photos from the activity


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