Glacier hiking at Svartisen

Glacier hiking on Svartisen is a special experience. Join a guide with proper equipment on a walk on the clear blue ice and enjoy the view of all the different shades of blue.

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The clear blue glacier reaches over several municipalities in Nordland, including Meløy, Rødøy and Rana. Svartisen is the second largest glacier in Norway with its 370 square meters, and is located only 20 meters above sea level.

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Brevandring på Svartisen

Glacier hiking

This trips suits most people – companies, groups and families. Recommended minimum age is 10 years. 

Remember neccessary hiking gear such as thermal/wollen underwear, hiking boots, jacket and trousers suitable for hiking, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and gloves that can withstand wind and rain.  

Glacier – nice to know

  • Easy-to-do trip that suits most people.
  • Safety gear and guiding are included.
  • Transport, personal clothing and food are not included.
  • Good clothes and footwear for the trip is necessary.
  • Food can be ordered, but can also be purchased at Brestua.
  • If you need transport, we recommend a Rib trip. Otherwise, we can also arrange bus service.
  • Characterized by special blue colors, hence the name Svartisen.

Did you know that the Svartispoppel is a flower found only at Svartisen?

Accommodation Svartisen - Brestua Svartisen and offers nearby

  • "The Large cabin" and "The small cabin" offer a total of 8 beds. Cleaning and bed linen as well as towels are provided if required.
  • Tents at Brestua. NOK 100, - per person.
  • Engen farmhouse offers a total of 17 beds.

Svartisen boat service transports you over the Holandsfjord

If you´re traveling by bus or car, you take a boat from Holandsvika towards Svartisen and Brestua on the other side of the Holandsfjord.

The guide will meet you in Holandsvika.

The starting point is 10:00 unless otherwise agreed.


The season for glacier hiking stretches for mai-september. During the winther season the glacier is totally cowered with snow. 


This trip takes approx. 6-8 hours from starting point Holandsvika, and approx. 12 hours if starting point is Bodø. 

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Jan-Stefan Knick
Svartisen - glacier hiking in the blue ice, Engabreen
Guided trip on the glacier, Svartisen, click to open in lightbox
Roger Arnesen
Tunnel in the blue ice, click to open in lightbox
Stefan Eisend
Part of the Svartisen glacier
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Jan-Stefan Knick
Hiking on the Svartisen glacier
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