Northern lights safari

Lets go out and hunt for the northern lights. We go by bus from the city center of Bodø. You will also get tips on how to take good northern lights photos!

2018-12-0309:51 Aina Johannessen

Northern lights safari from Bodø

We go by bus to hunt for the northern lights! If possible, we will stay close to the city center, otherwise the trip will go inland to suitable locations.

What do I need to think about?

We will provide hot drinks and snacks for you to enjoy when we arrive at the location of the evening.

In order for you to also fully enjoy the beautiful winter evening in the north of Norway, it's important that you stay warm, so make sure that you dress for the occation - put on wool underwear, warm clothes and good footwear.


You will get tips on how to take good Northern lights pictures - so make sure you bring your camera!


The trip will take approx. 3-4 hours.

We start from Bodø city center approx. kl. 20.00 in the evenings.

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Northern lights

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