Visit Landegode lighthouse

Experience the sea up close with your company or group on a trip to a lighthouse. We will arrange everything you need to have a memorable trip!

2018-05-0409:08 Tommy Børli

Norwegian lighthouses are popular destinations - just outside Bodø you can visit two of them!

Contact us and we will tailor a trip for your group or company. You will be transported out to the island of Landegode by Rib boats, and we will arrange everything for you to have the best event possible!

Lighthouse - overnight stay at the lighthouse in Nordland

Nordland is the county in Norway with the largest number of lighthouses - 37 in total, and just outside Bodø lies the popular Landegode lighthouse. Here you can experience great food, fresh sea air and the possibillity to stay overnight if you wish. Or we can go to Bjørnøya lighthouse on the inside of Landegode. Directly from the harbor in Bodø we go out with our modern Rib boats, and on the trip over there is also a possibillity of oberving both sea eagles and whales.

Landego Lighthouse - a place for great memories 

Landego Lighthouse has been operating since 1994 as an experience venue. You can dine in great athmosphere, and you can combine the experience with fishing, eagle safari, the midnight sun just to name a few options.

Lighthouse trip with lots of possibillities

There are 14 bedrooms at Landego Lighthouse, with a total of 34 beds. The perfect place for accommodation and activities for companies and groups.

At the lighthouse you will find:

  • The Lighthouse from 1901
  • Lighthouse keeper's residence
  • The Assistance House from 1936
  • The Barn
  • 2 boat houses
  • The machine house
  • Bar and hot tub are also located on the island

Bjørnøy lighthouse - unique lighthouse located inside the island of Landegode

The Bjørnøy lighthouse was built in 1890 and was established before Landego lighthouse. Bjørnøy is a small island on the inside of Landegode island.




No standard time for the trip, the duration depends on your requests for the trip, dining etc. 

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