Stone Age site at Tuvsjyen

Go back 12 000 years in time at the Stone Age site at Tuvsjyen.

2018-12-0408:54 Aina Johannessen

Inne i en av jordgammene på Tuvsjyen


We visit the Stone Age site at Tuvsjyen. You will learn more about how people lived and farmed at this period in time.

Enjoy the atmosphere around the bonfire in one of the big stone age huts and get served food and drinks prepared just the way it was done thousands of years ago.

A great place for memorable experiences!

Groups and businesses

This is a perfect trip for groups and companies. Tuvsjyen has the capacity to serve approx. 120 people and a visit here can be combined with a Rib trip to Saltstraumen. You will then experience Saltstraumen close up, as well as going through Sundstraumen on the tour.


A trip to Tuvsjyen can be carried out all year round.

This trip is of course weather dependant, but by going by bus from Bodø, you will still be able to experience Saltstraumen. We will then go by Rib from Tuvsjyen to explore Saltstraumen.


An Rib tour to Saltstraumen, with a stop at Tuvsjyen with dining, will take approx. 3-4 hours.

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